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Local SEO in Manchester – Why Is Local SEO Important and How to Do It

Does your business currently implement an SEO strategy focused on local optimisation? Are you making sure that the people close to your business are seeing your results first?
Local SEO Manchester
If your company is not prioritising local SEO, chances are that you are losing a considerable amount of customers with high potential for conversion. But what is local SEO actually about?

Isn’t it just targeting a set of specific keywords so when the user searches for the exact term, your results rank higher on Google? Not really. This is just one among many elements of local SEO.

Since local SEO services are becoming highly relevant for businesses, we created this complete guide to help you better understand the importance of the subject and to offer some guidance on how to start improving your local SEO campaigns.

Why Is Local SEO Essential for Your Business?

Before we move to the practical part, let’s briefly discuss the importance of creating a highly effective local SEO strategy. Think back to one of the times you were out on the street and decided to look for a restaurant in Google or in Google Maps. When you do this type of search in Google, there are many elements considered in the results:

● Geographical proximity: Google knows where you are and it uses this information to present businesses that are physically close to your location;

● Business information: Google shows detailed business data such as address, website, phone numbers, etc. if these bits of information are available to the search engine.

● Reviews: Google collects reviews about different establishments and it uses them to provide more relevant results to the user.

As you can see, there are many elements specific to the local dimension of a search on Google. This makes local SEO an entirely separate field of work, requiring a specific set of skills in order to achieve great organic rankings.

Local SEO Services Allow Your to Better Target Your Market

Local SEO optimisation allows you to create highly targeted content and ads for people who are looking for information related to your geographic area. Furthermore, it allows you to develop better long-tail keyword sets and create customised content for your audience. By determining the actual location of your target market, you can generate different pages with specific content to each set of keywords.

Local SEO Presents the Highest Conversion Rates

nce local SEO techniques are more specific than general SEO practices, they also lead to higher conversion rates. If people are looking for an SEO company in Manchester, for example, it is very likely that Manchester-based results will rank higher and, consequently, present a higher conversion rate.

The 3 Elements of a Solid Local SEO Strategy

Now that we are clear on why it is essential to have a strong local SEO strategy in place, it is time to discuss in more details the main elements of a killer local SEO campaign.

Make Sure Your Website is Listed in all Local Directories and Listings

Local SEO Benefits
The first element you must consider is the broad set of local listing websites. They are exactly what the name suggests: lists of businesses based on geographic location. Listing your business on these local directories allows you to publish contact information for free and to benefit from the higher exposure of your brand. Moz.com compiled a list of the most important information you should provide to a local business listing when signing up with the service:

● Your business name

● Contact information such as the address, phone, and website

● A more detailed description of your product or service, together with the relevant categories

● Social media profiles, images, and additional multimedia data.

Naturally, this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many more components to consider. This is why we recommend getting an expert local SEO agency in Manchester. Dynamics Digital can help you to implement a thorough strategy and to make sure your data is always updated in all major business listings.

Focus on Obtaining Relevant and Positive Reviews

Another considerably important component of local SEO is the online reputation of your business. This indicator is built based on the online reviews you receive from your users. Local listings will normally have a “review” feature where your customer is able to give you a certain number of stars and/or write a comment about your product or service. While it is up to your company to deliver a high-quality product or service, we can help you use the full potential of these reviews to leverage your online conversions.

The reviews your business receives are a great way of improving your day-to-day activities. What are the positive points your customers are writing about? Are they complaining about something in specific?

Having this information brings two main benefits. First, it allows you to look at what customers are saying or asking the most in order to identify trends for content creation. Second, it gives your company a thorough insight into opportunities for improvement in your product or service.

Regularly Update the Metadata for Your Local Business

Last but not least, it is essential to keep all your information consistent and up to date in each and every local SEO listing. It would be highly negative for your brand to let your customer find three different phone numbers or three distinct websites in three different listing directories. In order to provide a solid and reliable image of your company, you have to make sure all the information is constantly updated. Not only that, but you must ensure consistency among all online directories where your business is listed.

Local SEO Services in Manchester – Dynamics Digital: Go with the Expert

Local SEO Optimisation
As you might have noticed by now, local SEO services require an entirely new set of skills vastly different from the normal SEO routines. Dynamics Digital has been on the market for several years, and we gathered considerable experience in developing highly effective local SEO strategies.


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