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PPC marketing is a popular form of online marketing. It can bring instant traffic to your website and is based on a Pay Per Click model.

PPC Agency in Manchester – How to Boost Sales and Revenues with Your PPC Campaigns

Do you have active PPC campaigns for your websites? Are you regularly analysing their efficiency and checking opportunities for improvements? What was the last time you created several versions of a landing page to test which one is the most efficient?

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Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns have the potential to bring your business’ revenues to the next level, but first it is necessary for you to understand what makes them so relevant to your website. Dynamics Digital, a PPC agency in Manchester, UK, offers all types of services related to online marketing: from managing your Google AdWords accounts to creating specific retargeting ads to bring back potential leads to your website. We have put together this complete guide to explain the main components of a PPC campaign and to show you why it crucial to partner with a committed PPC agency to obtain better results for your paid online campaigns.

What Are PPC Campaigns and How You Can Benefit from Them

PPC campaigns are a form of online marketing in which the website pays a fee for each click on their ads. The baseline for the calculation of costs and revenues is not the number of impressions, but the actual number of clicks which lead to your website.

Many people, however, frown only at the mention of paying for online advertising. Website owners believe that having to pay for promoting your pages is something unimaginable. After all, with all the SEO optimisation techniques, social media marketing, link building activities, etc., it should be perfectly possible to grow your traffic for free. The very single problem they fail to notice is that everyone is doing almost all the activities that organically promote websites. Consequence: only a few websites (mostly the big ones, with a considerable amount of high-quality content) actually benefit from it. Investing in PPC marketing campaigns is exactly what the name says: an investment. It is not throwing money away, it is investing it in a very profitable marketing strategy. As long as the PPC agency handling your campaigns does the job well, you will experience many benefits from this type of promotional activity.

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The 3 Most Important Elements of a Successful PPC Campaign

Grab some keywords, write a few sentences, combine them into different variations for your ads, set the budget, and click “run”. Many people think these are the only steps in creating successful PPC campaigns. Well, if they were this simple, everyone would be doing great in online advertising. But that is not what happens. There are many reasons for the complete failure of PPC ads, and your business must be aware that assuming a simplistic approach to the issue is the first step towards a PPC fiasco.
We put together three elements we observed are the most crucial for successful pay-per-click campaigns.

Create Retargeting PPC Campaigns to Bring Back Potential Leads

Retargeting ads are a specific type of online marketing which focuses on bringing people who already visited your website back to your pages. The implementation of such ads relies on several technical aspects, including the proper setup of cookies and JavaScript codes.

Despite being more technical than simple PPC ads, retargeting ads present a much higher average click-through rate – people click on retargeting ads 76% more often than they click on normal ads. Once the campaigns are properly implemented, the investment is definitely worth it. You should, however, be careful when hiring a PPC agency to do the job. Since web development is the core of retargeting ads, the PPC agency must be both reliable and an expert in this field. Not everyone is ready to do the job following the best digital practices. Our PPC agency in Manchester developed the necessary expertise through years of experience and training and guarantees a seamless implementation of your retargeting ads.

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Conduct a Detailed Keyword Research to Identify Highly Lucrative Opportunities

While it is possible to target your PPC ads to a set of broad keywords related to your business, this is probably not the best course of action if you are not a large company and has a lot of budget available to invest in PPC marketing. Many broad keywords such as “project management” or “web development services” already have a lot of competition and, as a consequence, higher prices for clicks on ads.

The solution is to focus on more specific keywords related to the particularities of your business. An online marketing agency, for example, is better off if it targets “PPC agency in Manchester, UK” or “PPC agency + [specific city, ZIP code, or region]” instead of simply targeting “PPC agency”. There are two immediate benefits to it: the cost of advertising is smaller, and the conversion rates of our PPC ads are higher. Since (usually) only people in the region of Manchester will search for “PPC agency in Manchester”, the targeting component of the ads is much more effective, and the leads brought to your website will be of much higher quality.

Optimize Landing Pages for Higher Conversion Rates

When users click your PPC ad, they are redirected to what we call a landing page. Landing pages are exactly that: the final destination of the user once he or she clicks on an online marketing ad.

There are many components of a highly effective landing page, but the major two ones are:

● Deliver what you promise: the text of your ad generates a number of expectations on your visitor. If you say “absolutely free version!”, the users landing on your page will expect exactly that. If they find out they have to provide a credit card that will be automatically billed once the “trial period” expires, their trust on your business will considerably decrease.

● Deliver value to the visitor: when asking for the user’s information in a landing page, you must offer something in return. Free guides, ebooks, and checklist, for example, are great ways of thanking your user for the contact data.

What to Look for When Choosing a PPC Agency in Manchester

Is the PPC Agency Certified by Google AdWords?

While this is a prime indicator of whether the PPC agency knows what they are doing, there is another more subtle characteristic that a certification brings: commitment to excellence. By making sure all their strategists are Google AdWords certified, the PPC agency is showing you that it is committed to delivering the best services to your business. Dynamics Digital, a highly reliable PPC Agency in the region of Manchester, hires only the best analysts with proven records of highly successful PPC campaigns. We are fully committed to bringing your PPC ads to the next level and boost your sales and revenues.

Does the PPC Agency Have a Proven Track of Successful Campaigns?

A solid track of successful past campaigns speaks more than any other factor regarding the quality of the PPC agency. If an online marketing agency has beautiful pages and attractive sales pitches but no proven record, how can you be sure of exceptional, highly efficient services?

The only acceptable exceptions are companies new on the market. Each and every PPC agency has to start from somewhere, and the key analysis for you here is whether you are willing to take the risk. New companies should offer lower prices and better contract conditions to compensate for the lack of past experience.

Our PPC agency in Manchester has both accessible quotes for your business and a high-quality track of previous campaigns. We are ready to partner up with your website to implement efficient online marketing campaigns and boost your online traffic.

What Are the Terms of the Partnership between You and the PPC Agency?

This is a very delicate point because it involves the ownership of work created by the PPC agency. Before jumping right into a contract with an online marketing agency, you must go through the document paying attention to each and every detail. It is not uncommon to find companies struggling with the termination of contracts because they find out in the last moment that all the work created by the agency actually belong legally to the online marketing company.


The central point is to look for a PPC agency that shows transparency on their services. If the process of hiring the company becomes complicated, unclear, or shady, you should consider looking for another partner. Our PPC agency only adopts the best market practices in establishing work relationships with your company, so you can rest assured that what is defined in the contract is what will guide the execution of our services.

PPC Agency in Manchester – Why Choose Dynamics Digital?

While PPC campaigns are one of the best online investments your company can make, it takes a great PPC agency to bring the best out of your marketing campaigns. We were born with the purpose of making online businesses thrive in the market, and we exist to guarantee the best is being done to attract high-quality leads from your online PPC campaigns. We offer highly converting campaigns at accessible rates for your business to have the best return on your online