Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of optimising your website so that it appears higher up in the organic results for your chosen keywords. It is a complicated process and takes time and skill. Dynamics Digital are experts in SEO.

SEO Services in Manchester – Using Online Marketing to Boost Your Traffic

Does your business have an online marketing strategy in place? Are you maximising the return on your investment and generating as many visitors as possible? Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Email Campaigns, PPC Advertising: every dimension of online marketing actions must be well integrated in order to bring the most our of your campaigns. Dynamics Digital, an agency providing SEO Services in Manchester, understands the importance of creating such online identity to establish your business in the minds of your potential customers. We have created this complete guide to explain the most important SEO and Online Marketing services and to show you how we can take your website to the next level.
SEO Process

How to Produce High-Quality Content Focused on SEO

Each page or content unit produced by your website must focus on two fundamental dimensions: the user experience and the search engine compatibility. The former focuses on how valuable your content is for the user; the latter, on how discoverable and indexable it is for search engines crawling your pages. While it is very tempting to focus solely on how search engines interpret your page, the ultimate target of your content should always be your final user. Search engines algorithms are becoming smarter and are now able to rank websites based on both internal (keyword density, HTML tags, among others) and external criteria (authority of your website, online mentions of your brand, links pointing to your pages). Our SEO Services in Manchester focus on improving your website by incorporating all the factors that contribute to a better Search Engine Ranking (SER).

Focus on Organic Search Ranking

When you search online for a certain group of keywords, the results are usually of two types:

● Paid advertisement: these are shown first and are sponsored by companies willing to pay for promoting their products;

● Organic results: these results follow the advertisement section and are based on several factors such as the relevance of the content and the authority of the website.

Websites shown in the organic results do not have to pay anything for it, so ranking well in Google and in other search engines is the most effective way to have a high amount of visitors throughout the month without having to spend lots of money on advertising.

Take Advantage of Keyword Research and Long Tail Keywords

Search engines punish bad SEO practices by decreasing the quality of a website or by entirely removing it from the search results. The best way to create content that is relevant for both users and search engines is to focus on Long Tail Keywords.

Consider this example: while “SEO services” would be considered a general search term, “local SEO Services in Manchester” is considered a long tail keyword. By targeting them, you increase the chances of ranking higher when users look for the specific search terms you are writing about.

What Are Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns and How to Profit with Them

Advertising in online platforms is the most important digital marketing activity to grow your website. Without advertising your website, it becomes very hard to get discovered and increase your number of visitors. Per Per Click (PPC) campaigns are a specific type of online advertising where you are billed only when a user clicks on your ads and is redirected to your pages.

You do not pay for every impression of your ad, just for the actual clicks. This means that each cent you invest is actually bringing interested people to your pages. There are several components to an outstanding PPC campaign, so let’s approach the most important ones in detail.

Develop Optimised Landing Pages for Higher Conversion Rates

When a user clicks on your ad, he or she is redirected to a specific page of your choice. The destination of your ad is called a landing page, and its design and information are essential in determining how many users will actually sign up for your website or complete any other action you set as a conversion metric. Our SEO Agency is constantly working to implement the best practices in online advertising and to make sure your ads have a very high return to investment.

Create and Monitor Google AdWords Campaigns

While PPC campaigns can happen everywhere (from affiliate marketing to Facebook Ads), Google AdWords is the most well-known platform and definitely the most effective way of advertising your business online. The platform offers you innumerable possibilities for targeting and customising your campaigns, and it offers the possibility of advertising your business in more than 3.5 billion daily searches.

Bring Potential Leads Back with Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are a “two-part” advertising strategy. First, it downloads a cookie to the computers of the users who visit your website. Then, it shows ads of your website to the same user while he or she browses other pages on the web. Since it focuses on users who already visited your pages, retargeting is very effective in increasing the conversion rates of existing leads and potential customers. However, this type of advertisement is more technical than PPC and requires more knowledge about web development than the other alternatives. Our SEO company has extensive experience in the field and is ready to implement it on your website.

How to Use Content Marketing to Deliver Value to Your Audience

Content marketing focuses on creating, distributing and promoting high-quality content for your audience. The main idea behind it is to identify the needs of your target market and offer free, informative pieces of content that answer the questions your potential customers are asking. The process, however, requires a thorough understanding of research and of how to produce content friendly for both the users and the search engines. Our SEO specialists in Manchester are well versed in content research and creative writing, being able to deliver amazing articles that offer high rates of engagement.

Use Blogging to Provide Useful Information for the Users

When you create high-quality content for your website, two things happen: first, search engines notice your website offers valuable advice and they rank your pages higher in organic searches; second, your visitors notice your commitment to excellence and are more likely to interact with you. These two major benefits make blogging a must if you want to have high numbers of organic visits and returning visitors.

Interact Constantly through Email Marketing

Email Marketing
When a user signs up to your email newsletter, he or she automatically shows a deeper interest in your product or service. While this is a very important initial advantage for converting them into real customers, bad email marketing campaigns can make them go away and never come back to your website. Sending too many emails, for example, might be considered spam and might lead to high ratios of cancellations of subscriptions.

Email marketing is as much art as it is science, and our SEO specialists are ready to create an effective mailing calendar to convert as many leads as possible.

Interact with Your Audience through Social Media Networks

Social Media
Social networks bring together more than 2.4 billion people in 2017. With almost one third of the world population being part of such platforms, it is very likely that your target market is active in at least one social network. While there are many benefits to managing multiple social profiles, the task is very demanding and it requires a lot of attention.

Our SEO agency also provides social media management services to build strong online profiles while increasing the exposure of your website in the social network world. Let’s discuss in more details how you can use Facebook and Twitter to build a community for your website.

Create a Strong Community on Facebook

Facebook is, without any doubts, the largest social network in actuality. That, together with a very intuitive process of sharing content and publishing opinions, makes the platform one of the best places to create a highly engaged audience that will help you spread your content. By sharing relevant articles, how-to guides, sales campaigns and other types of content, you will be interacting with your potential customers in a very personal and effective way.

Share Engaging Content on Twitter

Half of all the impressions of a tweet happen within 30 minutes of its publication time. This shows that Twitter is a very dynamic social network, and mastering it requires building a network of influencers who will share your ideas to their own audiences. Our SEO company offers specific services to manage your social profiles and make sure you share highly engaging posts in each of them.

SEO Services in Manchester – Why Choose Dynamics Digital?

By now, we believe we have shown how complex the world of online marketing can be. With so many tasks to take care of, it becomes very hard to implement an effective online marketing campaign in-house. This is where Dynamics Digital comes is: we exist to make your life easier, and we do that by providing complete SEO and online marketing services for your business.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Core Services Include:

We research your competitors to determine how difficult it would be to rank in the organic results for your chosen keywords.
On Page SEO is about optimising your website on-page. This includes many factors such as title tags, img alt etc.
We do manual link outreach to find webmasters in your industry. This is the most effective link building strategy.

Website Audit

We complete a manual SEO audit and go through many areas of your website. This helps us to determine a strategy for your website. We have delivered great results to our clients using this method.

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