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White hat SEO is done by following Google guidelines for techniques to use to build up an authoritative website. It requires patience and skill and consists on creating quality content that visitors want to link to. We have expert copywriters on our team and can help to get you to the top of Google search rankings for your chosen keywords.

White Hat SEO Services

The saying goes that some people wear many hats, but when it comes to SEO services, it is important that only one kind of hat be worn- a white hat. The difference between white hat and black hat SEO services could not be more apparent. A company using black hat methods will do whatever it takes to get ahead and to make their client’s company surge in the search results. They will take short cuts, engage in illegal activity and go against the rules set in place by Google. White hat SEO services, on the other hand, are operating within the confines of the rules. They use aboveboard tactics only and make sure that there are no penalties for the client down the road because everything they do is completely in line with what Google and the law allows.

Setting the Definitions

You may have heard of these hat terms before, but there is a new one that is gaining some traction in the industry- grey hat SEO. While black hat can be illegal and is against Google’s standards, grey hat SEO is morally dubious but perfectly legal and not violating Google’s guidelines just yet. However, if Google sees people using grey hat techniques, they will probably try to make new guidelines to prevent them from doing that, once they become aware of the issue.

Here are some instances where grey hat techniques are being used:

  • Spinning content to make it look unique
  • Taking content from multiple sources and rewriting it
  • Using negative SEO efforts to tank the competition
  • Updating your site slightly every so often and just enough to get it recognized as fresh content
  • Paying to get good reviews
  • Posting lots of negative reviews of products to bring in site traffic
  • Manipulating two unrelated keywords to force an association between them
  • Creating fake news

And the list goes on, but you get the idea as to what might be considered grey hat and not outright black hat. Grey hat techniques for 2019 are different from what they will be for 2020, because the rules are always changing, and grey hat stays right on the edge of what is acceptable and legal.

Now, black hat SEO is just outright wrong, illegal or against Google’s guidelines (or all three). What is black hat SEO? Black hat techniques can involve spamming competing sites with a server attack (which people have been jailed for), creating libel against the competition, keyword stuffing, using private link networks, cloaking, sneakily redirecting site visitors, and more. These are not the kind of techniques you want to be using. They hurt your ability to gain trust, and they can be dangerous for your business or for your client.

Many companies that use black hat techniques will operate in countries where these techniques might not be illegal, giving them a little freedom to work but still pushing up against Google’s system. When Google penalizes them, they just change tactics or drop their site and start up a new one with the same techniques.

Why Use White Hat Methods?

The SEO services that we offer only employ white hat methods, and there are some good reasons for that. The biggest is that it is simply the right thing to do, ethically and for your business. If you look up a white hat SEO Wikipedia entry, you’ll see a bunch of methods of white hat SEO. There are so many reasons why people prefer this method of SEO work, and one of the key reasons is that it provides long-term benefits. We know that Google is never going to actively penalize high quality work or work that is trying to be original. Companies and creators that work hard to make their business and their content stand out and be unique are not going to get penalized by Google, even if the rules change.

Google is always changing up its rules and trying to keep up with underhanded websites that use shady practices. Google wants to reward high quality content and sites and to penalize the ones that are looking for a shortcut to relevance and popularity. No matter how the rules change with Google search engines, quality content will always be king, and this is commonly known within the SEO community, so using white hat techniques means that your work and your site will not suffer any penalty for being high quality, white hat stuff.

On top of that, the use of white hat methods means that you are trying to produce content that your customers care about. So, this is a good way to gain their attention and trust and then to keep it. You can show your clients and target customer base that you are interested in providing them with value by putting real effort into your work. You can show them that your site is worth revisiting by having a strong content plan and by working hard to connect with your clients.

We always recommend white hat techniques and we only use these methods ourselves. We don’t want our customers to come back later and complain that we hurt their business because Google penalized them. We also want the best for our customers. We want to see them succeed, because we know if we can get great results for you, then you are likely to keep coming back to us and using our services rather than going elsewhere.

How We Work for You with White Hat SEO

We have only briefly touched on what white hat SEO services are all about. Yes, they are different from grey hat and black hat, and yes, they are all about producing quality content and making a quality website, but what else does it entail?

One of the more interesting (and often involved) would be the white hat backlinks techniques. This often means forming a partnership between two sites or companies (or multiple ones) and guest blogging, linking to one another and building a strong, interconnected network.

The strength of white hat techniques is that they build a site and create content that people want to read and revisit. These techniques value quality over quantity, and the strongest, most successful businesses are built using white hat methods. Playing within the rules that Google has set up is for everyone’s benefit. The consumers benefit because they get better quality content and are not taken advantage of so often. The businesses benefit because they get more faithful and loyal customers and because they can more easily develop trust with their customer base.

Black hat SEO and grey hat SEO may work for a time, but only for a short time. Over the long run, you’ll be glad you ditched those methods for more aboveboard white hat SEO services and methods. Our team can provide you with a list of all the services we will offer you, covering in detail our strategy for you and your site and how we plan to move forward. Then as things change, we can adapt and modify our strategy, not to outrun Google’s penalties but to stay up to date with changing trends and to ensure your site is right there on the cutting edge. It’s necessary to make change from time to time and to pursue new keywords or new content strategies. Trends are changing all the time, and an effective SEO strategy will have your site pursuing some of those to better connect with your customer base.

A strong social media presence is another big part of what we do with our white hat SEO services for our clients. We know not everyone is comfortable running a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page, so we offer training for these and get our clients started on establishing their social media presence. This helps them to connect with their customers in a big way.

Some of our clients treat our services like a white hat SEO course, learning what they can and then moving forward on their own. Others need long term help and will stick with us month after month to ensure that we are staying on top of market trends and keyword search terms for them. Not everyone needs the same kind of service. Some people just need a little boost for their business, and others need a long-term content strategy that requires constant oversight. It all depends on the nature of the business you are in and the kind of market you are engaging with.

We Can Help Your Business to Grow

The benefit of any kind of effective SEO service is that it helps your business to expand, to reach new customers and to earn more income. It does this by increasing site and company visibility. In other words, more people will hear about you and visit your site because of effective SEO measures.

We have helped several businesses both big and small to succeed and to expand by using powerful and proven white hat SEO methods with them. We updated their content, gave them a new marketing strategy, showed them how to engage with their target audience and helped them move into other avenues of communicating and outreach with their clients.

We may only need to make some minor tweaks to your online operations, or we might have to dig deep and make some massive changes to get your site up to par and to develop a content strategy that works for you. We don’t know your situation yet, but we will sit down with you and discuss what your goals are, what kind of budget and timeframe you must work with and where your business is at now. These will help us figure out what we can do for you, what kind of SEO efforts need to be put into place for your benefit and what it would take to get you where you want to be.

Each client is different, and while we may draw from the same list of white hat SEO services for every client, we will implement them in different ways. Some people only need a few of the services while others need a lot of them. We tailor our strategy to your specific situation and needs, and we can always start small and then work our way up from there.

What a lot of smaller businesses need from us is a very small start with minimal SEO efforts. They are looking to expand and reach a wider customer base, and once we help them do that and climb the Google search results, then they may be ready to take on more and more changes that drastically shift their direction and their efforts to connect with customers. They may not be ready for a big social media presence at first, for example, and we may have to build them up to get them there. They may need to develop some content for their site before they are ready for a big marketing push, or they might need a site redesign to get ready to market themselves publicly.

Some of our clients just need to move up a spot or two in the rankings to be better situated against their competition. We can help them do that with very targeted, cost-effective SEO efforts. We know how to make the most out of your budget and propel your company forward at a rate that your business can handle.

We offer the white hat SEO services that you are looking for, and we will help protect your site and your company from suffering Google penalties. We want to empower you to keep climbing the rankings and make your way up the search results pages until you get that top spot. We can’t guarantee you will be number one all the time, but we can improve your rankings, bring in more traffic and make your business into the kind of company that consumers trust. Contact us today to find out about our white hat SEO service packages and what we can do for your company. A boost to your business could be more affordable than you think.

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